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Less bacteria 

No dampening

Fast & easy to clean

99.9% non-absorbent

Fast & free US Shipping



not a sponge! is made from polyurethane (sponge material) the outside is coated with a soft non-absorbent layer. the non-absorbent material cuts down on bacterial growth to help prevent breakouts on sensitive skin, minimal to no staining, easy to clean, reusable, no color fading, absorbs next to no product so you can save time and money! 


a quick wash with an oil based soap and water is recommended after each use


squeezing during washing is not recommended


dampening not a sponge isn’t  required and there is no drying time after washing

recommended replacement time 2-3 months

How to use


not a sponge! is soft and squishy yet firm enough to flawlessly blend out your

foundation and concealer. 

blend out your foundation with the smooth bottom edge using dabbing motions for full to medium coverage. use the pointed top for concealing under your eyes and in the smaller contours of your face.


99.9% non-absorbent 


easily washes clean


latex free




always cruelty free





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