PRISTINECLEAN™ Applicator and Brush cleaner

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PRISTINECLEAN™ Applicator and Brush cleaner

Light natural coconut scented soap with a gentle lather, plant based ingredients and essential oils.

Free from: Phosphates, parabens, phthalates, dyes and synthetic fragrance. Non-toxic, completely biodegradable and NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS.

Directions: Wet not a sponge makeup applicator (no squeezing) can also be used to cleanse makeup brushes. Use 1-2 pumps of pristineclean, gently rub adding water as needed until makeup is broken down, rinse, repeat if necessary.

Bottle size: 50ML 1.69FL OZ (roughly 60 washings)

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not a sponge!™ is an easy to use tool for everyone. the 99.9% non-absorbent material cuts down on bacterial growth to help prevent breakouts on sensitive skin, minimal to no staining, easy to clean, reusable, no color fading, absorbs next to no makeup so you can save time and money! 

tips / care

a quick wash with an oil based soap and water is recommended after each use.


squeezing is not recommended.


recommended replacement time

2-3 months


💧99.9% non-absorbent 

🧼 easily washes clean

🚫latex free


🐰always cruelty free



how it works

not a sponge!™ is 99.9% non-absorbent, squeezing and dampening not a sponge isn’t required. blend out your foundation with the smooth bottom edge using dabbing motions for full to medium coverage. use the pointed top for concealing under your eyes and in the smaller contours of your face.